M&V Vanguard Jewelry started off small with a father and a son. Max’s father, Victor, taught him the ropes including production, design and distribution. The pair began their business venture in Ukraine, however it was put on pause when they decided to take a huge step and come to America. They wanted to spread their knowledge and creativity and they knew they could do that freely in the US. Once they settled, Max began working at Tiffany & Co. This was a rigorous job that required a pristine eye for design and years of experience, which was perfect for Max. He gained experience, knowledge, and his passion grew for jewelry design. After working there for 5 years Max joined his father, a master craftsmen and decided to open up their own business.

In 2002 Max and his father Victor officially opened M&V Vanguard Jewelry Inc. The company started off small with just Max, Victor and an assistant in a small booth on 47th street. As the years went on more and more jewelry was produced using only GIA certified diamonds and the best quality materials. After working for 13 years on 47th street, Max wanted to expand his company even further and as a jeweler, setter and artist he was able to do that.

In 2015 M&V Vanguard opened its first jewelry manufactory. With the involvement of Max and Victor in the creative process from sketch to final product, the manufactory is now thriving with a growing staff, new unique designs and huge selection of jewelry using only the finest metals, exquisite gemstones and both conventional and unconventional materials.