Why settle for something what`s already available? Design your own engagement, wedding or cocktail ring.

We`re here to help.

At M&V Vanguard Jewelry, New York, we offer our clients large variety of handmade engagement ring styles. Being one of the few, true jewelry manufactures in the city we can create any engagement ring from simple and classic solitaire to complicated 2 tone gold, 3 stone rings with almost limitless possibilities in design. Our state of the art jewelry manufactory is fully equipped with professional team of jewelers, stone setters, CAD designers & engravers. Each engagement ring that made by M&V Vanguard Jewelry is one of a kind from the start because it involves multiple people`s ideas and skills to make it perfect. Because each ring is precisely hand crafted it stands out from the “mass production” rings (usually can be purchased at large & popular jewelry stores) by its durability, smoothness and it`s elegant look. Our custom made engagement rings are less chunky and more resistant to scratches and other physical damages.

What makes unique to design your own engagement ring or wedding band is that you have the control over your ideas. You can combine and experiment the way you see it and the way you want it, then, we will do the rest.

When you order you custom engagement ring directly from manufactory you have an opportunity to not just design the engagement ring of your dreams but also save thousands of dollars because we don’t carry the amount of expenses retail stores do.

We will gladly advise you with proper stone selection based on design specifics, metal combination and your budget. We can supply you with any stone size, quality and price: be it colorless diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald or any semi-precious stone.

Located in the heart of the New York City, makes us the ideal place to shop for custom made engagement rings.

“Only people who make the rings their entire life know how to make it right.”-M&V Vanguard Jewelry.